pandora radio rocks!

10 04 2009

I usually listen to aim’s music player while at work and tonight I tried to load but it wouldn’t so I did a search for “internet radio” and found Pandora Radio which I’ve used before. It’s great and I’ve been listing for over an hour and haven’t heard a comercial yet! Wow I love it! You can customize your own channel and vote on songs as you listen..  thanks pandora!!


New feedbags for eating food on the go!

2 03 2009

Just saw this video. It’s hilarious. I can’t wait to try it on!

my blogs been hacked…

22 01 2009

I just got an email for a blog I run that said the user/pass had been changed. This alarmed me so I went to login and sure enough I was not able to login. A few minutes later my entire blog was down and a youtube video was up with a bald guy was being displayed. Here it is below. I’m not sure what he’s saying but it’s creepy! I have one of my developers working on getting our blog back up. The site had a page rank of 4 and was 9 years old so it’s a valuable web property. I hope to get it back soon. Wow! I haven’t had a site hacked in some time. The source code on the home page of my domain that was hacked had some front page code in there so my developer thinks it might have been an exploit through Front Page. Oh how I love the folks at Microsoft and how their software is so vulnerable!!!

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

17 01 2009

Just watched this! Wow! I can’t wait to get it. I tried calling apple but they were busy.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Sexy Viral Video!

17 01 2009

Wow! Just watched this sexy viral video. Great job Durex. For those of you unfamiliar with Durex, they make condoms.  I don’t think I’d like my kids seeing this video. Once again we learn that sex sells. I found this video on the following blog which provides daily videos from around the web. The site is run by Sami Salmenkivi (Dagmar Digital), Sami Viitamäki  (TeliaSonera), and Riku Vassinen (MySpace). I just found them through my WordPress dashboard as one of the up and coming blogs. I plan to check out their blog for these great video picks. Thanks Annos!

Free Gmail Stickers

16 01 2009

Just came across this blog by Google witih a special offer for free Gmail stickers. I’m going to send away for some. The Gmail team is going old school and requesting that you send a self-addressed stamped evenvelope with postage to return the stickers. Come on Google! Your rich. You could afford to cover the postage along with the free stickers since it’s furthing your branding message. Oh well. I’m excited to get some Gmail Stickers!!

Free Gmail Stickers

Free Gmail Stickers

il stickers.

Examples of great viral web videos

13 01 2009

Just stumbled across these videos and thought I’d post the link below on these great viral videos. POM is currently showing 7 on their site and also had a video contest. If you search youtube for “POM tea” you’ll find a bunch of these videos. What a great idea! They’re getting all this free exposure on YouTube along with some great comericials. The video that loads initially on the official POM site is my favorite. It’s very creative, witty, simple, and hillarious. Great work POM! Very inspirational.

Check out the POM Video Gallery.